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The commercial sex scene in Sofia is not so obvious and open as in many other Easter European cities but it is overwhelmed by striptease clubs and hidden small brothels which are hard to recognize for a foreigner. There are many underground brothels in Sofia, tucked away in private flats and apartments. They do not advertise because they do not have to and do not want to draw the attention of local authorities. Also there is a lot of street action taking place in Sofia, mainly Roma girls involved.

अनुरक्षण एजेंसियों और कॉल लड़कियों

Some independent call girls in Sofia with own websites are जेनेट, एमा, ALEKS तथा Gergana. Many escort girls are listed in Bulgarian sex portals and directories like ObiaviBG, - BGEscort सभी तथा बुल्गारिया मॉडल. विशेष रूप से ObiaviBG gives an overview of a huge number of independent call girls, escort agencies and erotic clubs, not only in Sofia but also cities like Varna and Plovdiv. The general advertisements portal Bezplatno.net has also a section of Bulgarian women offering escort or erotic services in return for sponsorship. Most of the ladies on Bezplatno.net सोफिया और वर्ना में आधारित हैं. सोफिया के एन्जिल्स तथा क्लब विवियन are some of the escort agencies to be found in Sofia. Euro Love is another escort agency/club which has two establishments in Sofia; on Pencho Slaveikov Boulevard 21 and Hristo Botev Boulevard 3 (floor 1, apartment 1).

के माध्यम से CamContacts you can meet several Bulgarian call girls. Bulgarian pro and semi-pro girls are listed too in adult dating sites like प्रौढ़ FriendFinder तथा Fling.com.

सोफिया में अनुरक्षण एजेंसियों अद्यतन:

खुशी - वीआईपी अनुरक्षण लड़कियों

सोफिया के एन्जिल्स: directory of mostly agency and sex club girls in Sofia.

Update independent call girls in Sofia:

टिफ़नी: sexy blonde companion for meetings in Sofia.

Estell: Sofia call girls agency.

Update Bulgarian escort directory sites:

BG-Sex.com: this Bulgarian erotic site has listings of women in Sofia looking for sex dates and independent prostitutes in Sofia.

Kompanionki.bg: listings of independent and agency girls in Sofia.

Escort Girlsसोफिया अनुरक्षण मॉडल की निर्देशिका.

Na Pazar: online advertising magazine with many classifieds of prosititutes in Sofia.

Bazar.bg: another online advertsing portal with many classifieds of Bulgarian sex service providers.

CallGirlsBG.com: directory containing profiles and pictures of Bulgarian callgirls in the capital and other regions and cities like Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas.

हमारे सिंहावलोकन सोफिया एस्कॉर्ट्स you can find more prostitutes in the Bulgarian capital.

नाइट क्लबों, स्ट्रिपटीज़ क्लब और कामुक सलाखों के

Sofia is packed with nightclubs and erotic bars. Near the pedestrian bridge, at Slivnica Boulevard 108 is Bar Flirt where girls are offering erotic service. In Velvet Erotic Bar at Pencho Slaveikov Square 12-14 you can have a private striptease and spend private time with girls in intimate rooms. Some girls are also available to come to your hotel room or private apartment. निषेध क्लब पास Radisson Blu Grand Hotel is a well known or even notorious night club in Sofia, which has also private rooms available. In the prestigious 5 star Kempinski होटल Zografski सोफिया you can visit nightclub Playboyz that also has a Jacuzzi. Both Taboo Club and Playboyz have also girls available for escort to your hotel. Other clubs are बुत क्लब तथा Striptease Bar Kamasutra. बुत क्लब on Vitosha Boulevard 4 is specialized in fetish shows and also has a Jacuzzi. In Striptease Bar Kamasutra on Dondukov Boulevard 19 it is possible to spend private time with girls for a complete service. You can also book a Kamasutra girl for visiting your hotel or apartment. Near hotel Rodina आप Slaveikov 12 14 वर्ग को उत्तेजित बार मखमली क्लब पा सकते हैं. में Hemus Hotel (Cherni Vrah 31 बोलवर्ड) के जो करीब है Kempinski होटल Zografski सोफिया और यह हिल्टन hotel, you will find nightclub क्लियोपेट्रा. In most clubs that officially do not offer other sexual services than (private) lap dance and striptease there are usually hostesses who are available to accompany you to your hotel.

सोफिया में स्ट्रिपटीज़ क्लब अद्यतन:

Angels: piano bar with light erotic entertainment in the upscale Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sveta Nedelya स्क्वायर 5 पर स्थित है.

कामुक मालिश सैलून, निजी घरों और वेश्यालयों

Many of Sofia’s brothels are located in Vitocha boulevard and ask usually low prices, starting from only €30 per hour. VIP Club Kontesa is a small club at street Vitosha 16, floor 2, suite 2 and has several girls who provide incall service and massage. Other brothels are Europa (Praha boulevard 32) and Amour (Skobelev Boulevard 69). Many brothels and clubs have also escort girls who can visit your hotel or apartment.

सोफिया में सेक्स क्लब अद्यतन:

क्लब के कामेच्छा: सेक्स क्लब Dondukov 9 पर.

पेरिस: Lui Aer स्ट्रीट 2 पर निजी घर.


You do not have to search long time for street hookers in Sofia. As so often the area around the big hotels in Sofia is playground of street prostitutes, like Sveta Nedelya Square in front of the luxurious शेरेटन सोफिया होटल बाल्कन. In the Happy Grill restaurant opposite to the Sheraton there is also possibility to order girls through one of the employees there. The same goes the areas around Lion Hotel तथा Sun Hotel which are often frequented by streetwalkers, usually Roma girls. Street action is also taking place along the big boulevard Maria Luisa and near Luvov Most (Lion Bridge). The streets area at the back of the old Market Hall near Scotty’s hotel are also worth a try when looking for street action. With your car you can pick up girls in Simeonovo street and on the highway near the Mladost district where often Roma ladies try to grab your attention.

सोफिया में अद्यतन सड़क क्षेत्रों वेश्यांए:

प्लाना होटल: in the area around this three stars hotel situated on Ivan Ivanov street 85 provides good opportunities to pick up ladies.

Hristo Botev boulevard: same street as where the सिन सिटी नाइट क्लब स्थित है.

Park behind the National Art Galery and the Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral; this area is sometimes frequented by working girls of different quality.

लड़की दोस्ताना होटल और आवास

In Shans 2 hotel at street Kiril i Metodii 96, near the central railway station, you can rent a room for short period and bring girls. In the cheap prized PLISKA होटल you can order girls through the security staff. Radisson SAS ग्रांड होटल is considered to be one the most girl friendly hotel. Also girl friendly is the three star Serdika होटल, in the very centre of Sofia and close to the Alexander Nevski Cathedral. As mentioned above, the प्लाना होटल is another girl friendly three stars hotel in Sofia. Usually the staff in hotels allows to bring girls for the night but it is very common that they require registration and not rarely an extra fee will added to your hotel bill. A good alternative to hotels is to rent a fair prized apartment via agencies like Sofia Apartments तथा Apartments के Rositza. The Bulgarian travel company Sara Tours offers luxurious and more simple apartments, furnished flats and studios for short and long-term stay in Sofia. The on line portal for accommodation in Bulgaria BgStay has a large offer of accommodation for short rental in Sofia and all over the country. You can also consult international on line booking agencies like ApartmentsApart तथा केवल - apartments.com सोफिया सस्ते बेशकीमती आवास के लिए.

लड़की सोफिया में दोस्ताना होटल अद्यतन:

प्लाना होटल: this 3 star hotel on Ivan Ivanov street 85 has the reputation of being tolerant towards bringing girls to your room.

Arena di Serdica: 5-star hotel on Budapeshta street 2-4, this luxurious upscale hotel with friendly staff has a very girl friendly reputation.

हॉलिडे इन सोफिया: comfortable and coveniently located girl hotel on Alexandar Malinov Boulevard 111.

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