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Pécs शहर गाइड

The university city Pécs is located in the south-west of Hungary, close to its border with Croatia. Pécs has been selected to be the European Capital of Culture in 2010 sharing the title together with Essen and Istanbul. The city's motto will be: "The Borderless City". Due to it southern location the city is blessed with a Mediterranean climate and atmosphere. The region is famous for its sparkling wines and the local champagne factory is one of the tourist attractions. A good example of the city’s rich history can be felt on the main square, where you can visit the Gazi Kasim Mosque, which was consecrated as a church after the retreat of the Ottoman Turks centuries ago. It serves now as the Roman Catholic city church (belvárosi templom). Pécs has still important remains of Turkish architecture, with the ruins of Memi Pasa’s Baths and the mausoleum of miracle worker Idris Baba. Other interesting sites are the Cathedral, the Hungarian Bishop's Palace, the Barbakán Tower and the University of Pécs including a Botanic Garden.
भूमध्य वातावरण, अच्छा गर्मियों में जलवायु और छात्रों की बड़ी संख्या के संयोजन Pécs में अपने प्रवास के बहुत सुखद बना देगा. गर्म गर्मी के दिन के दौरान यह बहुत सुखद है सैर और मुख्य सड़क Király utca खुली हवा रेस्तरां और कैफे के साथ टहलने. Harkány से शहर चित्रमाला देखने, यात्री महसूस कर सकता था वह Toscana या Umbria की पहाड़ियों में है. शहर के एक महान रात देखा गया - पर्वत Mecsek से आनंद उठाया जा सकता है.

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